UNICEF Water Walk

Moudar Jano
Staff Writer

The Benedictine University UNICEF organization hosted the annual Water Walk on Saturday September 13th outside of the Rice Center.

The water walk is a race that is intended to demonstrate to the participants the difficulty in gaining access to water in the impoverished sub-Saharan countries in Africa. This is because of the countless factors in these regions that make obtaining water a difficult endeavor. These factors include long distances, difficult terrain, grueling weather, and potential dangers involved. Some of these dangers can be life threatening.

Photo Credit: Benedictine University UNICEF

Photo Credit: Benedictine University UNICEF

The board members of UNICEF, along with other general body members, organize this event yearly. That includes UNICEF’s President, Sree Bodepudi.

“This is the third annual Water Walk. The Water Walk helps raise awareness for the difficulty involved [in obtaining water],” Bodepudi explained. “There are about 12 to 16 teams and about 70 people here.”

The Water Walk is also a fundraising event for the Tap water project.

“[It] helps for purification of water, builds wells in villages. Overall to help get clean water to these people,” said Vice President Fatjona Aliaj.

The participants expressed joy and overall satisfaction with the event. Many of them felt that it was a beneficial initiative and an enjoyable, yet, effective, way of raising awareness.

“It’s nice. It raises awareness, its humbling and overall fun,” remarks Faizan Fahsal, a sophomore at Benedictine.

“I really enjoyed it. It’s for a good cause. I’m having a lot of fun,” said senior Amer Hosain.

The event demonstrates what a group of dedicated individuals can accomplish. They all felt it necessary to raise awareness for the cause. The participants are equally commendable due to their participation and commitment to the event.