How to Manage Time Effectively

By: Jessica Buettner

It seems that one of the major problems that people tend to deal with throughout their lives is trying to keep track of everything that they get involved with. Whenever a person becomes truly involved in so many different things throughout their life, the main priority that they begin to lose is time. Time seems to slip away from people’s hand as they continue on with their day with so much on their plate. If this has ever happened to you, don’t need to worry; this is a normal thing that happens to most people. I know I have dealt with time management issues so many times in the past and definitely right now. People like to become involved with different things with their life that it seems that they keep forgetting about how much time they have in a day. But, if you follow these tips, I believe that time management can be a skill that can truly be mastered over time.

Make a list of things you have to do in order of importance

A good technique that works for most people is if they write a list of the things that needs to get done. The key thing to keep in mind is to write down the things in their order of importance so that way the person can get the very important things accomplished first. After getting some of the important things done, a person can move on to some of the lesser important things done. Once the list is finished, you will feel glad that you got everything on that list done with for the day.

Try not to become involved with too many other activities

Whenever a person has time on their hands, it seems that they want to do some fun activities to keep themselves occupied if they have time. This can be done through clubs, fun activities, field trips, jobs, ministry, and some other things that the world has to offer. It’s good to become involved in some fun activities; however, if you overload on the amount of activities, then you will be suck under a huge pile of mumble jumble in terms of the certain things you have to take care. A good thing to do is to write down a list of hobbies/activities that a person might be really interested in doing and then go out to find clubs out there that relate to his/her true interests.

Harder classes=more work that is much harder

During the time I was in high school, I took an AP class my junior year and another one for my senior year. There was a few times here and there where I was trying to struggle a lot so that way I could get all of the work done in the best way that I can. The same thing goes on with the college years as students move on to the 200 and 300 level courses. With that matter, it seems that some people might need to take some more time out of their day to take on the harder amounts of work that they need to get on before doing the easy work. Or, some people like to do it the other way where they like to take care of the easy work first and then go right into taking on the hard work; it’s however the person views the situation.

There’s nothing wrong with asking for help from others

Sometimes, it seems that some people are involved with so many things that they feel like they take it all on their own. However, most people don’t really know that there is nothing really wrong with asking for help from anyone. Whether it would be from a fellow classmate, a teacher, or from a parent, getting help on a certain assignment or just by earning advice on how to handle a situation is another good way for a person to get a task done and making time run more smoothly for them next time.