Farmers Market

By Karly Sacco

Photo Credit: Karly Sacco

Photo Credit: Karly Sacco

Benedictine University hosted their annual farmers market on September 11th in the quad area in from of Jaegar, from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

 “I think it’s more than just a farmers market because it gets people out of their office and they are talking and greeting each other so it really is more of a community event,” said Frank Budig, General Manager of Food Service at Benedictine University.

 Benedictine has continued to put on this event for some time now.

 “We have had the farmers market for 3 years now. We do one in the spring season and one in the fall,” said Budig.

 The Benedictine community all gathered around the farmers market while they observed all the different types of fruits and vegetables that they were able to purchase.

 “This year’s is going great so far, all faculty, staff, and students are really enjoying it,” said Budig.

 The coordinators of the farmers market are always trying to add different elements, so they can possibly create new favorites for their costumers.

 “We added coconuts this year, which as been very popular. The beets are also very popular, the salsa continues to be a big hit, and we also have added fresh breads but they are all sold out already,” said Budig

 The salsa is one of the main dishes that have stayed consistent over the years the farmers market has been going on.

 “All the different types of salsa that people are tasting today are my own recipes. My mom created recipes for salsa originally from Mexico and she has taught me how to cook very well,” said Ruban Abarra, chef present at the farmers market.

 Abarra has been a part of the farmers market ever since it began; making his salsa that has people coming back every year.

 “This is my 4th time making dishes for the farmers market, I like to do different things every year. Last year I made salsa, chips and we even added fresh fruit smoothies,” said Abarra.

 Attendees reflected on their experience at the farmers market as the tents came down and the left over food was packed away.

 “I really liked the idea of the farmers market, because not a lot of other universities have the opportunity to go to something like this, so I really enjoy that Benedictine gives the community a chance to shop and eat healthy,” said Reem Ibrahim, junior at BenU.

 Benedictine University will be hosting another farmers market in the spring.