The Hunger In The Air – The Chicago Bears

Subhaan Ashrafi

With the wind blowing, snow falling, and hunger in the air, one can assume it’s NFL season, in Chicago at least. It has been a couple of years since the Chicago Bears have made the playoffs, and It’s been over seven years since the Chicago Bears have entered the most prestigious sporting event in the United States, the Super Bowl. As an optimistic Bears fan, I believe that the Chicago Bears have a really good shot making the playoffs this year.

Picture Credit: Wikipedia

Picture Credit: Wikipedia

The Chicago Bears most prized possession is their quarterback, Jay Cutler. Cutler has been dealing with injuries ever since he has joined the Chicago Bears. When I asked Russel Johnson, a Chicago die-hard Bears fan, about Jay Cutler he said, “You either love him or hate him. If he plays bad, he is the enemy of Chicago. If he has a great game he wins Chicago’s heart. If he takes the Bears to the Super bowl he BECOMES Chicago.”

For every Michael Jordan there is a Scottie Pippen. The Chicago Bears have a top wide receiver in the league, Brandon Marshall. Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler previously played on the same team together before they embraced the Chicago Bears. Their chemistry is parallel to none and when both of them are in synchronization. There is no way they can be stopped. However, this is only if health isn’t a concern.

This past off-season the Chicago Bears have done a great job adding major defense to their squad. Jared Allen is what we needed for the Chicago Bulls. His presence alone is very strong. Not only will he help us tremendously as a defensive end, he will definitely be a role model and a leader for this team. With Brian Urlacher, our previous captain, who I wish the best for, we definitely will need other individuals to step up in terms of motivating the team because football isn’t only a physical sport, it is a mental sport.

Overall, the Chicago Bears have a lot to prove this season with their roster. They are fully aware they haven’t made the playoffs in a couple of years and they are ready to prove the doubters wrong. I am a die-hard Chicago Bears fan and I honestly believe that we can make a run this year. Can you?