Maroon 5’s V Album Review

By Karly Sacco

The chart-topping band released their newest album titled V, on Tuesday, September 2. Maroon 5 continues their success with their release of their 5th studio album. One of the main reasons the rock-band has such a dedicated fan base is because the music that they produce has such a unique sound to it. Maroon 5 sticks to what they know, and they sure are good at it. Stealing the hearts of people all over the world, lead singer. Adam Levine has taken the band’s newest album to another level. Just Adam alone has gone through a bunch of changes since the release of their last album Overexposed, so if you are a fan of the band you will notice the changes in his life have an influence on the band’s latest album. Although it has the same dance style songs, with a few slow jams thrown in, V is a perfect mixture of the new and old M5. The band has really evolved over the years. From “She Will Be Loved” to “Moves Like Jagger,” Maroon 5 has been progressing their artistry with every song they create. The album starts off with the song titled Maroon_5_-_V_(Official_Album_Cover)“Maps,” that has been heard all over the world. This catchy song is the perfect way to open up the album and set the tone for the rest of the songs to follow. As I stated before, there are a large variety of song styles on this album. One song on the album titled “Unkiss Me” is a great example of the emotion that M5 has put into their music. The start of the song is slow but it has a build up with a loud and strong ending. Another song off their album titled, “New Love” is an example of where Maroon 5 is at right now. Their music is a mixture of pop rock, R&B and soul. This song truly embodies all of the elements that this band represents. If you listen to the deluxe album you will discover that the last song on the album is titled “Lost Stars,” that was actually featured in a movie that Adam Levine stared in called “Begin Again.” Maroon 5 has proven to the world that they are superstars and are definitely soaking it all up. Each one of their songs on V, whether is it fast, slow, groovy, sad, emotional, or just fun, has been created by a band that is comfortable in their own skin. If you haven’t downloaded, bought, listened to, or even checked out a clip of one of their new songs I highly recommend it. Maroon 5 just released their upcoming tour dates for next year and has announced that they will be coming to Chicago’s United Center on March 19th! Tickets go on sale to the general public on September 13th.