Eliminating A Deadly Threat

By Hashim Arain

The rising threat of the Islamic militant group called ISIS is putting the world and its leaders into a frantic worry. The members of ISIS have committed violent acts like terrorizing parts of Iraq and Syria to beheading two American journalists. These acts come across as barbaric and graphic to those watching around the world, and the countries that make up the international community are now starting to realize something has to be done in order to stop ISIS’ reign of terror.

One of the ways that the US and others can defeat the power of ISIS is through the use of military airstrikes. According to the New York Times, the Obama Administration has already authorized to use airstrikes in order to weaken ISIS in Iraq, it has worked to some extent but there are still some fighters there. The New York Times also reports, the Obama Administration officials have started to contemplate airstrikes in Syria, where ISIS also has strongholds in. As of right now the US is reluctant to taking action in Syria.

There’s no doubt that the situation in Syria is worsening each and every day, according to CBS News, the humanitarian crisis of the Syrian refugees has reached a new breaking point, with almost up to 10 million people being displaced. This shows that this is a dire situation, and some urgent action is needed. CBS News also notes that some have said that if the US launches airstrikes into Syria, it could change the situation there entirely; but, ultimately, some have admitted that the Syrians have to find a political solution to solve this crisis as well.

There’s also been some talk that CBS News picked up on that if the US carries out airstrikes against ISIS, then they’re essentially helping out the Assad government root them out. This is ultimately a tough situation for the Obama Administration, and its no wonder that they are hesitant to get involved militarily there. I think there needs to be some sort of action that has to be taken, because ISIS has been terrorizing civilians, and have recently been harming American journalists like James Foley and Steven Sotloff.

The pressure has been on President Obama and his allies to come up with a strategy to defeat ISIS, and to limit their terrorizing influence in the region. The US along with the international community has already started launching airstrikes into parts of Iraq, in order to weaken ISIS’s strongholds there. So why not do the same in Syria? The strategy in Iraq has worked to some extent as the Los Angeles Times reports, that US forces have helped by recapturing a big ISIS stronghold over the weekend near the Iraqi town of Amerli.

It should be worth noting that the Obama Administration should have intervened in Syria earlier, especially when reports surfaced that the Assad government was shelling bombs and rockets on its own people almost every day for the past three years, and then reportedly used chemical weapons against their own people, which Obama himself said was a “red line” for action. If it takes the threat of ISIS for the international community to get involved militarily in Syria, then so be it.

Leaders of the international community are gathering in Wales for the NATO summit this week. The topic of defeating ISIS will certainly be the number one issue on the agenda. Something needs to be done quickly, and the world’s leaders need to act swiftly in order to defeat this violent extremist group.