Celebrity Women in the Media

Are we uplifting them or putting them down?

Tatanisha Wooley

Hunger Games star, Jennifer Lawrence has been a victim of a nude scandal. Private photos of the star were released and quickly spread on the Internet. Jennifer was not the only star involved in the unfortunate incident, model Kate Upton, actresses Kristen Dunst, Victoria Justice, and singer Ariana Grande were some of the other who had their photos leaked. Jennifer and Kate have confirmed their photos are real but Justice and Grande deny the person in the photos was them.

Picture Credit: Wikipedia

Picture Credit: Wikipedia

This has been an unfortunate event for the stars because Lawrence is a well-respected actress in the industry. What makes the hacking even sadder is that people are not standing up for the stars, they are placing the blame on those affected rather than the hackers. Upton and Lawrence did not ask for their photos to be released to the world. The photos were meant to be private and for their eyes or their boyfriend eyes. The blame should have been place on the individuals who thought it would be cool to hack into someone’s phone and steal private information. Jennifer and other stars were just taking photo of their bodies they did not intend for them to circulate the web. Most people are calling what happened a leak, but this is not a leak because the photos were taken from the stars phones without their permission. There was no respect for their privacy or how they well knowing the world can see them at their most intimate moments before the photos were taken. Just because someone is famous does not give the world permission to have an all access pass into their private lives. If this had been a regular everyday women people would have felt sympathy for her, they would also thought twice before sharing the photos. Why can’t celebrities have that same right, just because they are on TV or in movies does not mean they don’t have the same feelings the rest of us have?

There have been many tweets on twitter saying they had it coming because they should not take such provocative photos. ”Girls star Lena Dunham gave the perfect tweet, she said, “don’t take naked pics if you don’t want them online” argument is the “she was wearing a short skirt” of the web. Ugh.” What these celebs did was not wrong in this case they are the victims and the hackers have committed the crime. This whole situation is disgusting and depressing because of the people who are sharing, liking, copying, or laughing at the expense if these women goes to show how little people respect one another. It’s easy to place the blame on the stars but they had control on those photos being released to the world. When an actress is in and movie and it calls for a nude scene, she is in control of how her body is being used and portrayed. Before sharing the photos, remember that these stars are someone’s wife, daughter, or sister and that they have the same feelings that we do. They are actual human beings and are not there for us to gawk at. We should stop blaming the women who were involved and place the blame on the hackers.