Heartbroken Poem

By Jessica Buettner

The last message has been sent, the last words have been said,
the signs have been delivered and they have all been received.
Our journey is now over and it’s time to go out separate ways.
It’s time to move on with brand new paths and it’s time for us to
begin a brand new chapter in life.
I throw all of your stuff away, I clear you out of my head,
I tear you out of my heart, and ignore all of your messages.
All of the pictures have been burnt.
The past has now been turned into a lesson that we have learned.
However, all of the memories, laughs, kisses, and the fun times all
just keep coming back to me, no matter how hard I try to forget.
He was the first guy that I met that showed this much affection towards me.
We really got the chance to know each other during the time in which
the summer sun was shining down on the both of us.
He pretty much hung out with me every day and we eventually started
to have mutual feelings towards each other.
I guess you can say that summer is the season in which people start to
fall in love with each other.
It is also the season in which the love sparks begin to ignite and fly
underneath the summer sky.
I still remember all of the times in which we would truly express our love
for each other as I would laugh at all of his jokes while he kept telling me
how pretty I was.
I still remember all of the dates we would go on and do various fun activities.
Whether it would be going to the movies, spending time with each other at a
lovely restaurant, or attending a dance that was going on at the high school.
I still remember all of the days in which he would just come over to my house,
play video games or watch movies, and then we would hug each other and kiss.
However, it seemed that the six-month fairy tale was coming to an end.
A few days before the holly, jolly season of Christmas, he ended up sending me
text messages that were mentioning how I didn’t really have time anymore to hang
out with him since I was involved with so many things in my life.
He also began to tell me that I should just forget about him and that he isn’t worth it.
And then, the truth comes out…he doesn’t really love me anymore.
At that moment, my heart starts to break as the tears start rushing down my face
and my whole body starts to shake like a leaf that is hanging on a branch on a windy day.
The thoughts start to come back into my mind…the thoughts that tell me that no guy
will ever love me and that I’m the girl that no guy will ever love.
My friends and family all start to notice that I have been feeling down in the dumps
so I start to tell them what has been happening to me recently.
They give me hugs and tell me certain things such as: “He was never worth it.”
“You’ll find someone better.” “There’s tons of fish in the water.”
My friends were right by saying that it was for the better.
I will most likely find someone else who will really appreciate me and love me for who I am.
Love is something that everyone should get to experience every day.
Whether it would be with family members, friends, or with a certain someone,
love is expressed in different ways amongst different people.