Protests for unity in Gaza

Hashim Arain

Staff Writer



Photo taken by: Sarah Jaber

Photo taken by: Sarah Jaber

The events in Gaza and Israel this summer have prompted protests from around the globe. The main purpose of these protests was to provide awareness of what is going on in the city of Gaza and Israel currently. There have been breakouts of violence between the Israeli Defense Force and the Islamist extremist group Hamas, both have been exchanging rocket fire for over the course a month. Some rockets have been fired into Gaza from the IDF, and rockets have been fired into Israel by Hamas as well.

According to the Wall Street Journal, as of now, Israel and Hamas are in the middle of a five-day ceasefire, but that’s coming to an end in a matter of hours now. Unless an agreement between the two parties can be reached, both will resort to violence once again. The situation between Israel and Hamas has always been sporadic, with instances of violence between the two occurring every few years or so. The awareness of this current conflict in Gaza has been growing.


According to the British newspaper, The Telegraph, there was a protest last week in the Israeli capital of Tel Aviv, which was the first major protest since the current conflict started. The Telegraph also noted that protesters were demanding that the Israeli government put an end to the rocket attacks that are coming from Gaza. The Telegraph also reported that some protesters wanted peace with the Palestinians, and they just want peace and stability for their country.


This shows that the Israelis are growing tired of the conflict, and they want an end to this whole thing. Social media has played a role in the coverage of this conflict. I’ve seen numerous articles on the situation in Gaza on Facebook and Twitter in the past month or so. These articles particularly focus on the plight of the Palestinians in the conflict. The main point here is that neither Israel or Hamas is perfect in this conflict, and the constant violence needs to stop for the sake of the people on both sides.


According to the congressional website The Hill, the latest death toll numbers from this conflict are that over 2,000 Gazans have been killed, and about 67 Israeli deaths since the fighting began last month. There’s no excuse for any loss of life. I understand the conflict between Israel and the Palestine has a long history, but the fighting needs to stop altogether. That’s why it’s important that both parties need to commit to a permanent ceasefire.


I think the rest of the world is more in tuned to what’s going on in Gaza now, again because of social media and the overall media coverage of it. As a result of this, there have been protests of solidarity all across the world for both sides of this conflict, and the theme that one can get from them is that people just want the violence to stop, and they want peace in this region.


The world is telling the leaders of Israel and Hamas that there’s a humanitarian aspect to the events in Gaza, and that in order for the suffering among their people to stop, they need to agree to a permanent ceasefire soon. Also, these leaders need to make sure no breakouts of violence occur during the ceasefire. I know it’ll be a long road for peace in this conflict, the world is speaking out. Let’s see if these leaders will listen to their calls for peace.