Health benefits of kale

Claire Kositzky

Sports and Health Editor


Photo source: Wikipedia

Photo source: Wikipedia

The world will not stop obsessing over kale. Recipes about the new nutrient rich, leafy green are all over the Internet and advertised on talk shows. Restaurants are now offering kale salads. Some people have completely switched from romaine lettuce to kale. So what is all of the commotion about kale?

Kale was not brought over to America until the 17th century. Before then, kale was growing in a thriving environment thanks to the ancient Greeks and romans. Kale was originally used as a garnish. In 1996, the Los Angeles Times published a poem titled Oh Kale. Following this poem, kale became known as “organic” and later “power food.” In 2010, a New York City restaurant started serving a kale salad. Following that, Gwenyth Paltrow made kale chips on Ellen, sparking its popularity.

Kale, also known as borecole, comes from the same family as broccoli and cabbage. Kale is packed with large amounts of antioxidant vitamins as well as minerals that our bodies live for. In fact, one cup of kale is only 33 calories and can give a person their daily dose of calcium. In addition to all of those wonderful benefits, kale also helps protect our eyes. It is also inexpensively priced.

Although these do sound like great reasons to start incorporating kale into your regular diet, be cautious before switching over completely. For example, those on blood thinner medications should watch how much kale they ingest. Those who have diets high in dairy products should also watch how much kale they consume. Too much kale can cause an interference with calcium adsorption.

Not only is kale extremely healthy, but also is easy for farmers to grow. Kale is able to grow in colder temperatures. It is also a very versatile vegetable. You can throw kale in a smoothie, make a salad out of it or even drizzle a little olive oil over some kale and bake it in the oven for kale chips.

Is kale some sort of new health trend or is it a vegetable that is permanently

added into the produce section at Mariano’s? I suggest you take a bite into a kale salad or a sip of a kale smoothie and decide for yourself!