Derrick Rose, The Heart Of Chicago

Subhaan Ashrafi


Photo taken by: Subhaan Ashrafi

Photo taken by: Subhaan Ashrafi

On April 28, 2012 my heart, as a sports fan, was shattered. Unfortunately, I wasn’t alone. Chicago’s entire sports fan’ hearts were shattered. As a matter of fact, millions of people around the world, as sports fans, had their hearts shattered on this day. On April 28th 2012, we witnessed Derrick Rose tear his ACL.

Derrick Rose was the heart of Chicago in terms of sports. His athleticism on the court and his humbleness off the court inspired millions including myself. His work ethic was parallel to none. Derrick Rose was the youngest most valuable player (MVP) in NBA history. For him to represent the Chicago Bulls and earn this prestigious reward made my heart and all of Chicago’s heart in a garden of tranquility.


Although all our hearts were shattered, Derrick Rose’s heart was still beating. Derrick Rose felt our pain and wanted to do everything possible to regain his glory on the court. With campaigns on his return, rehab, and inspiring millions of individuals around the world the hype started to begin. For me personally, I couldn’t even watch basketball properly because I just kept on thinking about my MVP, Derrick Rose. When Derrick Rose finally returned, the love and gratefulness toward him was immense. All of Chicago waited over one year for his return and it was all worth it. Watching Derrick Rose get a game winner his first game back after his horrific injury was a very memorable and unbelievable feeling. With all of Chicago sport fans’ hearts beating at a new high with our MVP finally regaining his glory on the basketball court, there was no way we were able to predict another Chicago sports devastation.


With less than 20 games played in the 2013-2014 NBA season, Derrick Rose tore his meniscus. The pain was beyond devastating. To see all the hard work that he had put in to overcome his torn ACL and to suffer another horrific injury was unbearable to imagine. Chicago Bulls fans around the world were left in silence and hope was starting to diminish. However, Derrick Rose yet again did not have his heart shattered. He did not give up, even though he was set for life financially. He had a promise to his fans all around the world to come back stronger, faster, and better! I am finally happy to say, all our hearts are beating now!


Derrick Rose is now participating in the Basketball World Cup this year. He has gone through numerous therapy sessions and rehab. He has been criticized by millions of people around the world for being very injury prone. The hate toward Derrick Rose was increasing day by day because of his absence from the NBA. When Derrick Rose made his first national appearance in a scrimmage game last month, he shocked the world. He seemed faster, stronger, and even better!


I had the privilege to see Derrick Rose and the USA Basketball team play against Brazil on August 15, 2014. When Derrick Rose’s name was called, I almost went deaf. We did not want to stop cheering for him because this was his first time back at the United Center nationally since his last injury. Whenever Derrick Rose touched the basketball, everyone stood on his or her feet. Chicago Bulls fans at the event paid money for a USA basketball game, composing of all our NBA starts today. However, we only went there for one reason and one reason only, Derrick Rose. As a Chicago Bulls fan, I am proud and happy to say, Derrick Rose is back.