Business building progress

by Saimah Shareef



Photo taken by: Saimah Shareef

Photo taken by: Saimah Shareef

A hush may have fallen over Benedictine’s campus over the summer as students and staffs were gone for break. However, one project continued towards rapid progress. The new business building, scheduled to be completed by the fall of 2015, has reached 20% of that total goal. Even with the long winter and relatively wet summer, the construction crew has been working diligently to keep the scheduled opening on track.

Because construction broke ground just a few months ago in April, harsh weather conditions have not been too much of an issue. Chad Treisch, Executive Director of the Office of Campus Design, Planning and Construction Management, attributes any potential complications to the weather. He expressed the need to get the building enclosed and watertight in order to prepare for the upcoming winter. With students returning after the summer, there will be more pedestrian traffic that needs to be accounted for as well.

“Safety for students, faculty, staff and guests is the number one concern,” Treisch said.

He described some of the precautions being taken to heighten safety. Construction fencing, notices and signs around the construction site have been installed to help educate and guide foot traffic in a safe way. Construction traffic from College Road has also been prohibited, with only the west entrance allowing construction specific vehicular traffic to enter.

Treisch cautions everyone driving on campus to use extra caution when doing so, especially around the construction site and the west part of campus. Although a lot of care is being taken on the part of those working on this project, the cooperation of all campus members has been a driving force, according to Treisch.

“It is certainly a challenge to construct something of this magnitude in the middle of a vibrant and active college campus – so I truly appreciate all the patience and understanding as we build for the University’s future.” Treisch expressed.

With just about 80% of the construction left, students and staff can welcome a new 130,000-square-foot addition to BenU’s campus in a year.