BU Football Ranked 2nd in NACC

Claire Kositzky

Sports and Health Editor

Benedictine University’s football team was picked as the number two team in the NACC championship poll for the 2014-2015 season.

“We’re excited for another great year of football. We have a lot of guys returning from last year and some great young talent. Our goal is to be conference champs. We fell a little short last year but we’re working everyday to make sure that does not happen again,” said senior Calvin Bonewits.

Benedictine was ranked second, with Concordia Wisconsin coming in first and Wisconsin Lutheran coming in third place. Aurora, the school’s rivalry, came in fourth place.

“This is the most hungry team that I’ve ever played on here at Benedictine. Everyone has one goal and that is to win. The guys are going strong everyday making each other better. It is going to be a great season!” said senior Alvin Taylor.

The Eagles finished last season off with an overall 7-3 record. Their 4-2 NACC record placed the boys in third place.

“I’m so excited for this upcoming season. My friends and I always enjoy going to the games, rain or shine. I hope that the seniors can win themselves a championship!” said Senior Hannah Shepherd.

Benedictine won its last championship in 2011 and we are well overdue for another!