Adding to future history books

Sara Haque

Editor in Chief


This past month has put an affective toll on our country. The fatal incident of Michael Brown shook the entire nation, bringing up the controversy of racial discrimination and forming mass protests specifically in Brown’s hometown. These protests have created tension amongst the public and the police force ending with tear gas streaming into the eyes of the protestor.


Ferguson, Missouri has become a household name, creating discussions amongst families, friends and strangers, in person and on the Internet. Tweets, blog posts and Facebook statuses were uploaded on to social sites, giving the public a voice amongst this heated topic. The voices of those who participated in the protests were heard the loudest, as they were live tweeting action-by-action and uploading photographs instantly. Causing uproar and bringing up the question, is racial discrimination still fully alive today in the year 2014?


This article is not about the debate over that question. It is about what we, as Americans and as human beings must do to prevent such incidents to ever occur again. We all want peace, and to achieve tranquility for not only ourselves, but for our communities, our nation and our future generations is to learn to respect and care for one another.


This world is filled with billions of people, to which each has their own story. Each of us has something unique about us that can be used to make this world a better place. We must better ourselves internally to see the beauty in each individual of the world.   The one thing all humans have in common is the ultimate goal of happiness. And to be happy, is to pull the negativity out of our minds. Smile at strangers, listen to others stories, and let go of any hatred that resides in our hearts.


The events of Ferguson, Missouri will be written in future history books. Let us all hope that tragic events remain as such, history. We cannot let history repeat. We must better ourselves, and with that evolution, will see a decline in violence towards others. For we as humans only have each other.