Live Below the Line

By: Sree Bodepudi

Live Below the Line is a campaign that strives to change the way people think about extreme poverty. Created by the Global Poverty Project, this project encourages participants to live on $1.50 per day for five days, so that we can understand what countless people around the world experience on a daily basis.

Furthermore, volunteers really get a chance to understand that living in extreme poverty is more about the lack of choice, opportunity, and inequality in our world. Participants have the opportunity to raise awareness about these issues by blogging about their experiences and sharing their blog with friends and family while also raising funds to support their favorite charity.
This year, BenU UNICEF encourages you to take on the challenge. When you sign up at, you can join “Benedictine University UNICEF” so that we can partake in this challenge together. While the official Live Below The Line program runs from April 28th to May 2nd, you can do this challenge anytime in the month of May, so don’t let finals stop you!