Katy Perry’s “Birthday” Music Video Review

by Karly Sacco


You would think that Katy Perry would eventually run out of ideas for her music videos. Ever since her single “ I Kissed A Girl,” Katy has been creating over the top music videos. As Katy’s music career has evolved, so have her elaborate ideas that go into making her music video’s her own.

There have been some pretty outrageous Katy Perry moments, like when she was an alien in her music video for “E.T.” or even when she dressed as an Egyptian goddess in her music video for “Dark Horse.” However, I don’t think that anything can top the creative twist that Katy pulled on her latest music video for her song “Birthday.”

Normally, Katy would dress up in a costume, but the audience would still be able to tell that it was Perry behind all the makeup and clothes. In her music video for “Birthday,” she took the whole dressing up thing to completely new level. Since the song is called “Birthday,” Katy stayed with the theme of celebrating by going to five different peoples party’s, but that is not even the best part. She didn’t just go to their parties; she dressed in a disguise and went undercover dressed up like a person that would fit the theme for each of parties.

The first character that she dressed up as was an old woman called “Goldie the Dancer.” Let’s just says that she was not an ordinary grandma. Dressed up as Goldie, Katy went to an older man’s birthday party at a nursing home and in no time, had all of the other guests dancing around like they were young again.

The second character was called “Yosef Shulem the MC,” obviously embellishing on the Jewish aspect of his name. Dressed up as Yosef, Katy went to a young man’s Bar Mitzvah and “entertained guests” as the MC.

The third character Katy created was called “ Kriss the Clown,” who went to a little kid’s birthday party and pretty much ruined the entire day by tripping over everything, knocking over the cake, and even making the worst balloon animals ever.

The fourth character was called “ Ace the Animal Trainer” and compared to some of the other characters, one of the more mild ones. Ace, or rather Katy, went to a kid’s birthday party and entertained them with wild life, well at least tried to.

The final character Katy created was called “Princess Mandee,” and she was the only one of the five characters that Katy revealed. Princess Mandee was for a lack of a better term, dumb. As soon as Katy took off the Princess costume, her true beauty and brains shined through, and all of the little girls jumped on top of her smiling.

If you have not gotten the chance to check out Katy Perry’s music video for her song “Birthday,” I highly recommend it. As you can see, she created some hilarious characters that you do not want to miss out on!