HSA presents: India night 2014

By: Viola Ranjha



Photo credit: Viola Ranjha

Photo credit: Viola Ranjha

The Hindu Student Association hosted an event showcasing some of the greatest traditions Indian culture has to offer last week. From 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., the Grounds for Hope Café was the setting for many dance performances and a fashion show on Friday, April 25th. People of all nationalities came to enjoy and experience the colors, sounds and tastes of the South Asian countries.

The event started with an introduction to the board members of the Hindu student association. Then, followed a performance of the American National Anthem by Kasia Dudas and the Indian National Anthem preformed by Dr. Jayashree Sarathy, Dipal Desai, Payal Shukla, Bhavana Movva and Birva Trivedi.

Payal Shukla, a performer and organizer of the event, talks about what she enjoyed most about the event.

“It was a lot of fun organizing an event to showcase Indian culture and the different types of dances India has to offer! I’m glad I got to do two different kinds of dances,” said Shukla. She then explained how long it took to organize the event.

“We started planning it during winter break! We needed to decide on a theme and location,” continued Shukla.

The first dance performance was that by the Sri Venkateswara Swami Temple Girls followed by a song medley by Priti More, a very talented solo singer. The next performance was Gharba Dhamaal, which is the traditional dance of the Hindu festival Gharba. This dance was performed by Dipal Desai, Jasmine Naik, Birva Trivedi, Riddhi Patel and Payal Shukla. Maya Patel then performed a solo dance fusing some traditional dance moves with more modern ones.

The next two performances were Spicy Masala performed by Dipal Desi, Liya Joy, Jasmin Naik and Yasmine Karavattuveetil, and dance with a capital D performed by Anuj Akhand, Shivani Patel, Sehrish Munir, Roman Mohammed, Shreya Dhingra, and Samroz Jakvani. These performances were well choreographed and the performers dressed for the part. The songs were from some well-known Bollywood movies and the moves were re-enacted.

Jakvani talked about what he enjoyed the most about the event.

“Seeing everyone who made it out to the show to see our performance and having a good time throughout the night is what I enjoyed most. It took me a couple of practices every week for about three weeks to get it down,” said Jakvani.

The next four performances were The Chotis by Jasmin Naik and Yasmin Karavattuveetil; Song by Kasia Dudas; Desi Dhamaka by Johncy Joseph, Liya Joy, Payal Shukla, Mona Sharma, Ajay Pius, Kevin Kavalackal, Sajan Philip and Jake Kennedy; and last but not least, Masti by Jasmin Naik and Aseiya Begum. The event ended with a fashion show, displaying the latest fashions and prettiest saris and other traditional Indian clothing in all colors.

With Benedictine’s large Indian and Pakistani community, this event was an opportunity to celebrate the culture and for those unfamiliar with the culture to experience it.