2014 Leadership Banquet Dinner

Tatanisha Wooley

photo credit: Tatanisha Wooley

photo credit: Tatanisha Wooley

The leaders of Benedictine University celebrated their success at the third annual Leadership Banquet dinner. The event took place on Thursday, April 24th from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in Krasa on the second floor. Leaders of clubs and organizations included NSA, Resident Assistants, Student Senate, ASMA, Programming Board, Intercultural Club, UNICEF, and more were in attendance.

“A great leader is a person of conviction. Someone who will do what is necessary for everyone who follows him or her to have the best experience they can,” explained sophomore Julianne Tieu. “They may not be the loudest, tallest, smartest, or excel in anything at all, but if a person leaves a great impact on someone, then he or she is a great leader.”

The clubs work hard throughout the year to either plan events for the students or to raise money for a charity. The leadership dinner is planned and executed to remind the club members that their hard work does not go unnoticed. It is a way for encouraging the leaders on campus who do many events that promote school pride, student involvement, and generosity.

“We have the leadership dinner every year to get all of the leaders of Benedictine together to acknowledge all of the things they do to help the school and the community itself,” said sophomore Candace Rodgers.

The tables were decorated with lanterns and Benedictine water bottles as gifts for those who attended the dinner. Once everyone signed in, the dinner started with a welcome speech from Danny Turano, who is the Coordinator of Student Involvement, and a Prayer by Carrie Roberts, Pastoral Associate for Outreach.

After the prayer, Joan Henehan introduced the Keynote Speaker, Nona Jones, who won advisor of year at last year’s banquet. She gave a speech about what it means to be a great leader. Once Jones finished speaking, the awards ceremony began.

Sophomore Jake Kennedy and Ellen Seiberlich were presented their award by Father David. Seniors Lauren Daraskevich and Maggie Kline won Programming Board Member of the Year and Commuter Assistant of the Year respectively. They were given their awards by Katie Buell. There were other students among these that won awards.

The three biggest awards were presented by Turano, including Program of the Year, which all club leaders won for their teamwork for Club Ben, Student Organization of the Year won by Best Buddies, and Advisor of the Year won by Elve Mitchell. Joan Henehan presented the last award of the night, Student Life Achievement to Kiran Munir for her work with the BU Red Cross club along with her work with the Student Success Center as a tutor. The event ended with closing prayers from Carrie Roberts.