2014 Honors 294 Creativity, Art and Culture Class Annual Art Exhibit and Reception

by Brittany Carter


The 2014 Honors 294 Creativity, Art and Culture Class Annual Art Exhibit and Reception will take place on April 30th at 5:00 p.m. on the first floor hallway of the north side of Kindlon Hall.

“Students have worked very hard throughout the semester and have taken the time to gain understanding and purpose behind art,” said Scavone.

The students are a part of the scholars program and have taken an interest in art. Professor Jennifer Scavone introduced them to various routes students could take within art. Scavone states that her whole class will be presenting their first exhibit to the Benedictine students and faculty.

These students have had the opportunity to explore a variety of art, including writing, photography, dance and painting.

These students have had the chance with professor Scavone to learn the elements that come with art. Scavone states that there are many elements that play a role in art, such as philosophy, studying the history of art, basic design elements of art: line, shape, color, value of texture and principal of design.

Scavone states that they also do a lot of culture studies and incorporate a dance where students came together with ideas to explore how that culture may express themselves. These students have had the opportunity to see how professional artists pull all artistic pieces together and will be available to answer any question in regards to their journey of exploring art.

Scavone has taken them to ballet performances as well as to view other artists’ work in order to gain a better understanding of the purpose behind his/her work. After exploring other works of art by other artists and being able to analyze and explore it on a greater intellectual level, Scavone is now giving her students the opportunity to do the same.

She continued to say that her students are excited to for their fellow students and faculty to see their hard work.