Top Concert Venues in the Chicago-Land Area

by Karly Sacco



If you are a concert junky like me, then you are probably very familiar with the list of places you are about to read. No matter if it is a small venue or a large one, when you go to see a concert, you want your experience to be unforgettable. You don’t have to look far to find a good place to see a band play because luckily for you, Chicago is a city filled with music. Let’s take a look at some venues in the Chicago-Land area that you can check out next time you are looking to catch a concert.


1.House Of Blues- Located in the heart of the city on N. Dearborn

If you want to get a feel of why Chicagoans are so proud of their musical background, then all you have to do is step foot inside the House Of Blues. The atmosphere and décor speaks for itself in this soulful venue. When you first walk in, there is even a gift shop and a rocking restaurant where you can hear the concert that is happening up stairs. The venue is a perfect size because no matter where you stand, you can see the show. Personally, this is my favorite venue in Chicago.

2. The Metro- Located in Wrigleyville

Where are my Cubby fans? Those of you who have been to Wrigley a time or two have probably at least noticed this phenomenal venue called The Metro. I like to call this venue a mini House Of Blues because they both have so much character to them that make the concert experience that much more awesome. Although it is not as big space wise as HOB, you can also stand just about anywhere in The Metro and enjoy the show.


3. The Riviera- Located on Broadway about five minutes from the city

This venue is yet another that has a lot of history behind it. Musicians have been preforming on the stage of the Rivera for decades, and because of the beauty and magic that has come out of the concerts, bands still play at this amazing theater today.


4.The Aragon Ballroom- Located on Broadway 5 minutes from the city

I know I said before that it doesn’t matter whether the venue is small or big, well if you prefer to see a concert at a larger venue, then The Aragon Ballroom is the place for you. This venue can fit between three and five thousand people in the audience. Being in such a tight fit place with thousands of people sharing the same love for music as you can be a pretty amazing experience.


5. Lincoln Hall- Located on North Lincoln Avenue

For those of you who haven’t been to too many concerts but are starting to, Lincoln Hall is a perfect venue to experience one of your first shows. The staff is extremely friendly, the space is just enough to where you can see great no matter where you stand, and if you are of age their bars rock!


Here are a few honorable mentions for some top venues in the Chicago area.

Reggie’s – Located on State St.

The Beat Kitchen- Located on W. Belmont Avenue

Bottom Lounge- Located on W. Lake Street