Studying during the spring sunshine

By: Zeba Haseeb


It’s that time of the semester again. We all have panic attacks thinking about our grades for our classes. We try to study, but the obnoxiously beautiful weather keeps us from doing so. All we can possibly be thinking about is when we’ll be getting out of here to enjoy the heavenly weather for the next three months of the summer. However, finals are something we must go through first before enjoying the summer sunshine.

The biggest issue with finals in the spring semester is focusing when there are so many other activities you can be doing in this perfect weather. Unlike winter break, our biggest reason for procrastination for studying is fighting the urge to stay inside with our face stuck in a book. All you can do is focus and think about how close freedom is to you. All you have to do is just take the test, and you’re good to go! So, the first step for studying for finals is to focus no matter what.

A very affective technique to study is using notecards, especially when you have classes that have several vocabulary words that you need to memorize. Using cards to study is also extremely convenient because you can study anywhere without the hassle of carrying books everywhere. Also, when making notecards you remember information better by rewriting them.

Make sure to use the strategy of group study! Get together with a few of your classmates that are just as serious and focused as you to get a good grade on your finals. Teaching other people what you have learned helps that information stay intact in you brain. You also automatically create ways to remember this information and the way you taught it, so when the exam comes around, you will have no problem answering the questions.

What most people don’t think of is just going straight to the professor with questions. Don’t wait till the last minute to figure out questions you have while studying. Start studying ahead so that last week of finals all you have to do is review. Our professors have office hours for is to utilize so we really should do just that! No one knows the course information better than the professor so make sure to take some time out of your schedule to fill the little holes you have in your notes that are confusing to you.

We have three weeks lefts of this semester so make them count everyone, and good luck on all your final exams!