You know you are from Chicago when…

By: Tatanisha Wooley


There are many things to love and complain about if you are from the Windy City, but what are some things that only people from Chicago would do and understand?


  • When you get annoyed by people who call the Sears Tower “Wills Tower,” it will forever be Sears Tower
  • You say Chicaaago instead of Chicago
  • You may be from the suburbs but still say you are from the city
  • When “Da” is a proper article before a word or a sports team
  • You ask people where they are from and they reply either Northside or Southside
  • Its normal for the temperature to drop 10 degrees within an hour
  • There are more Walgreens in your neighborhood than there are Starbucks
  • “Salty” is more than a way to describe food
  • When you have two favorite teams, The Bears and anyone who beats the Green Bay Packers!
  • You laugh at people who complain about 50 degree weather
  • You never say you are from Illinois, you say I am from Chicago
  • Construction happening on both Dan Ryan and Kennedy at the same time
  • Putting away all you winter gear, only to bring it back out two days later
  • When “the city” and “downtown” are two different things
  • When you think your team may win year after year
  • When you know the difference between Amtrak, Metra & the “L”
  • It’s impossible to root for the White Sox and the Cubs at the same time. Like being a Republican AND a Democrat, that’s just not how it works. You must choose
  • You expect corruption in local politics
  • You are not surprise to see furniture in a parking space
  • You know what goes on a Chicago Style Hot Dog
  • You measure distance in minutes, especially “from the city,” and you swear everything is pretty much 15 minutes away
  • Your classes were canceled because of the cold or your classes were canceled because of the heat
  • You know why they call Chicago “The Windy City”
  • When there is four feet of snow and your boss calls you telling you to come in to work
  • Your route home changes frequently because of construction
  • Yes, we are the home of the deep-dish pizza, and we are very proud of it! But it’s unfortunate that people don’t know we also make some of the best thin crust in the world!