Taking it back to the 1920s

By: Tatanisha Wooley


Photo credit:Tatanisha Wooley

Photo credit:Tatanisha Wooley

Benedictine University went back decades in the past as they dressed in their finest twenties wear for the 2014 Spring Ball Dance. The dance took place at the Drake Hotel in downtown Chicago on Friday, April 11th from 7:00 p.m. to midnight.

Over 250 Benedictine students and their guests attended the dance at the historic hotel. The event was sponsored by Programming Board and Reslife. The dance takes place every spring and is part of the Spring Fest week, which includes different activities every day of the week.

The twenties theme of the dance matched with the iconic hotel considering how the hotel was built in the 1920s.

“The Drake Hotel was the perfect location for the dance, and it was so beautiful inside,” said junior Mackenzie Muerch.

“The venue was real classy and beautiful,” added senior Alice Sinclair.

Everyone who attended the ball was expected to be at check-in at 5:15 p.m. in the Krasa Presentation room. There were small appetizers for students that consisted of fruits, vegetables, crackers platters, diet or regular Pepsi and water. At check-in, students were given a bracelet in accordance to the bus they were on and their meal card.

The clothes students and their guests wore matched the actual twenties style clothing with girls dressed as flappers and guys spotted wearing fedora hats, bow ties or suspenders. Since the decade was known for its fashion, many attendees wanted to dress the part.

Muerch was one of the many girls wearing twenties fashion.

“I really loved the theme of the roaring twenties. It was really neat seeing people dressing up like they were going to a Gatsby party!” exclaimed Muerch.

There were many different colored dresses, some girls preferred over the classic black dresses, while others chose to keep it simple. At the dance, everyone was served a three-course meal, which included salad, the main course and dessert.

After dinner, everyone got up to dance to the music the DJ played. The DJ played a variety of music and was effective at mixing crowd favorites like “The Cha Cha Slide” and current songs like “Dark Horse.” He managed to keep everyone dancing until the very last song.

“The food and dancing were good. I liked how the DJ played a mix of current and old songs,” said student Hashim Arain.

The DJ also played songs that were requested by students.

“I thought the dance was really fun, and the DJ played some good songs,” said Sinclair.

There were smiles everywhere as everyone danced and enjoyed the company of close friends.

“I thought it was great! The Drake Hotel was pretty cool, and it was just nice dancing with friends,” continued Hashim.

Sinclair looks back on the dance, since it was her last Spring Ball Dance.

“It was a memorable night especially as this was my last spring ball, and the dances have gotten so much better since my freshman year,” explained Sinclair.