Steps to gaining an internship

by: Brittany Carter

At Benedictine University, Career Development helps students gain a better understanding on what steps are necessary to receive an internship at their dream job. Career Development started weekly workshops this year, giving students more insight on what employers are seeking.

Career Development guides students through workshops on how to build resumes, cover letters, and a LinkedIn profile. Coordinator Lynne Schrott states that these very tools will help Benedictine students stand out from other candidates when it comes to applying for internships and even a dream job.

“There are a list of steps to take in order to receive an internship,” continued Schrott.

She also recommends that the first two steps be completed freshmen and sophomore year. Schrott encourages students to attend the workshops in which advisors help them build a resume, cover letter, and a LinkedIn profile that best describes their skills. After creating the LinkedIn profile, it is encouraged to follow Career Development on LinkedIn. The main reason to follow them is because there are various individuals who may be alumni seeking Benedictine students for internships and job opportunities that are also connected to Career Development.

Career Development offers students the option to schedule an appointment or walk-in. Schrott sits down with students to discuss the next steps needed to move forward, such as interviewing a person of interest within the field.

The interview is set up with an individual who works in the field a student is focusing on. Students are advised to write up questions they would like to ask. Currently, Career Development has a set up in which students can email, have a phone conference, Skype or meet in person. Schrott explains that it is best to do the interview in person, making it more interpersonal.

Schrott explained the next step as shadowing someone within the field. Shadowing someone includes exploring the environment in which the student desires to work and gain insight into the daily tasks of a person to determine if this is something of interest. After shadowing someone, Schrott would guide a student through some of the difficult questions students will face in the interview. She calls this step the mock interview. This step helps students gain a better understanding of how to sell themselves in the interview and help them stand out.

Lastly, getting an interview concludes the process of potentially gaining an internship. After completing the outlined steps, Schrott believes that Benedictine students will be more than ready to go out and receive an internship and even dream job.