Lose yourself in what you love

By: Dana Mourad

It’s hard to believe there are less than three weeks until the Spring semester is over. It seems like it was less than a month ago that we were all getting our books for the new semester and starting to organize ourselves to make this that 4.0 term. Finals are coming up and class assignments and papers are beginning to pile up. It gets really stressful at times but it’s in those moments where you find that one thing you love to do to distress yourself, and you do it.

When I ask my friends what they like to do on weekends or in their “free time,” a lot of the common answers are watching TV shows, going to the movies, shopping, or working out.

My ultimate “de-stressor” is working on crafts. Although it’s a little embarrassing to admit, one of my favorite places to go on weekends is Jo-Ann Fabric. Even though I rarely see anyone my age there, I absolutely love going and buying the most random materials to work on personalized projects. I love losing myself to the different types of fabrics and materials, seeing what texture would be best for that new scarf I want to make or how much glitter my accessory fabrics should have.

I feel like a completely different person with idea after idea shooting across my mind, forcing my legs to walk over to the next aisle and see what more I can buy. I’m not sure too many guys would want to try this out, but for any of you girls that feel they enjoy working with sequences, glitter, pearls, fabrics, stones, gems, and so much more, you should definitely give the place a chance.

You learn a lot about patience as well, because sewing, knitting, and sequencing is not a quick process and takes a lot of careful thinking and hand movements. My love for crafts and sequencing comes from my grandmother, as she also shares this love for working with fabrics and taught me at a young age the simple tricks and lessons to transforming boring and dull shirts to sparkly, sequenced tops.

You don’t have to major in every thing that you love, but its nice to have that one thing that you can always rely on doing when you’re feeling down or need sometime to relax.