Dominating performances

by Amanda Jarzynski


The Benedictine men’s lacrosse team shrugged off their loss against Augustana College and came back to win two games in a dramatic fashion. First, they won against Milwaukee School of Engineering and then against Defiance College. Both games ended with the Eagles scoring 19 goals against only four from Milwaukee and one from Defiance.

The Eagles played Milwaukee at home on Wednesday night. They opened the game strong with a goal from Robert Abbott just two and a half minutes into the first quarter. Milwaukee responded with a goal a minute later, but after that, they couldn’t score against the Eagles until the next quarter. After Abbott’s first goal, the Eagles scored four more goals before the first quarter ended.

Their intensity continued onto the second quarter where they scored a grand total of 11 goals in the 15-minute time period. Milwaukee scored one goal in response to the Eagles’ scoring spree. Abbott scored two of the 11 goals in the quarter, Trevor Manzke scored two goals, and Blake Keenan scored two goals. There were two occasions in the quarter when the Eagles were able to score back-to-back goals within a minute of playing time.

Halfway through the game, the Eagles led Milwaukee 16-2. Once again, the Eagles dominated the competition in the third quarter. Milwaukee scored no goals and Benedictine scored three goals from Keenan, Eric Orndorf, and Andrew Zmijewski.

The fourth and final quarter was the only period of the game when Milwaukee could hold back the Eagles from scoring a single goal. At that point, though, the Eagles didn’t need any more goals in order to win the game. They led Milwaukee 19-2, but gave up two more goals in the fourth to make the final score 19-4.

Benedictine put up an even better performance against Defiance College on Saturday. Brendon Berg led his team in points with six goals and three assists. Keenan and Trevor Buman scored four goals, Abbott scored two, and Orndorf, Zmijewski, and Ted Jones scored one goal apiece. The only goal scored from Defiance came in the second quarter.

The Eagles now have an outstanding record of 5-2 in Conference and 9-4 overall. They only have three more games to play before the Conference Tournament. Their next two games will be away, and the last game of their regular season will be at home on April 26th against Fontbonne University.