Best Book Series to Read

By: Tatanisha Wooley



Books are like chocolate. Once you taste it, you do not want to stop. The best books are those in series and that you get to see on the television or on the big screen. Life without books is like living in a world without oxygen, the thought is depressing and scary. Here are the best books that are hard to put down once you begin to read them.

10. The Mortal Instruments Series– A story about a girl who discovers she has a supernatural bloodline after her mom is abducted by demons. It’s a very long series, but worth it once you have finished the last book.


9. Percy Jackson Series– In the mood for monsters and mythological heroes? Look no further than Rick Riordan’s fun, fast-paced Percy Jackson series, which follows the adventures of young demigod-half mortal, half Greek god-Percy and his friends Annabeth and Grover.


8. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series– Greg is the main character, who writes in his diary about the trouble he receives on a daily basis. His entries consist of encounters with bullies, sitting in the basketball ground, and of course “the cheese touch “theory. The message in the books is that middle school is tough for ‘scraggly’ kids like himself who are stuck being the parent’s expectation, school-play chase and his struggle with being an individual. This is a hilarious trilogy which everyone should read if the like funny antics.

7. The Chronicles of Narnia Series– A series that reflects the ongoing battle of good versus evil. It is full of fantasy, fun, imaginary characters who are the main center of attention. The books carry readers to the world of evil and bad.


6. Twilight Series– Even the most forbidden fruit tastes sweet was the message Stephanie Meyer depicted in her book. The story has romance between a normal girl and her immortal vampire. The books attracted many fans because of the themes of love and forbidden romance.


5. Game of Throne Series– The characters in this series may come off as baffling, but this is what makes the books entertaining to read. The books take place in a medieval world and are a mix and match game of horror because ‘death’ is very common in the books. No one is safe and die as quickly as they arrived in the town. Each person’s viewpoint gives the reader a new way looking at other characters. George R. R. Martin has wittingly made the books full of fantasy, horror, and is pleasingly beautiful to everyone.


4. Divergent Series – Set in a dystopian society with five factions, a brave female protagonist must make a life-altering choice between her family and her true self. The more she learns about what she is, the more dangerous her journey becomes. You will finish these books in three days tops.

3. Hunger Games Series– The dystopian world has themes of love, poverty, kindness, and it strikes an emotional chord to those. Katiness, who is strong female protagonist solves her own problems and is in charge of her own life, has romantic feelings for two boys in the book. Each year, the twelve districts send two representations, one boy and one girl to participate in the Hunger Games till only one is left. The books has one important message, nothing better comes without a sacrifice.


2. The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings Series-The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit books are known worldwide by billions of people. The series is popular because of the themes of fantasy, myth, magic, love, friendship, and heroism. The series was written by J.R.R. Tolkien, who is known for his very descriptive narration of the Middle-Earth and the journey the characters must take in the books. The message in the book was how the power of magic was replaced by human dominance. Tolkien manages to take readers on a vivid journey, and they feel like they are part of the journey.


1. Harry Potter Series– The series has held a special place in the hearts of everyone worldwide since the beginning. J.K. Rowling’s main character Harry Potter is very relatable, and she gives him a realistic look and features that can be seen on other people. Fans love the series because of themes like magic, love, pain, revenge, friendship, loss of loved ones, and sacrifice. The moral lessons learned by the characters are subtly cloaked with magic, and it has enough mystery to keep readers interested until the very last page.