Unraveling the misconceptions

By: Zeba Haseeb

Benedictine University’s Islamic Awareness week is here. We have well-known speakers from all over the country coming to talk to us about many different aspects of the religion of Islam. We kicked off the week with a free breakfast sponsored by our very own Muslim Student Association, and later that evening, we had a discussion about the diversity of religions and how to live in harmony together led by Dr. Omer Muzaffar. It is important to have your own views of faith, but also even more important to learn to be tolerant of people with other faiths. Dr. Muzaffar touched base on ways we can be respectful of each other while still being spiritual in our own way.

Tuesday, we’ll be having an interfaith panel between students of other religions. They will be discussing their point of views and how faith plays a role in their lives. Later in the evening, we will be hosting Ustadha Eiman Sunbulli to talk to us about the veil for women in Islam and the importance of it. She will be diminishing all the stereotypes of the hijab so you don’t want to miss out.

The fun doesn’t stop there. There will be an Open Mic Night Wednesday evening so students should pick a talent and perform. We’ll have all kinds of talents being performed such as poetry, singing, spoken word, and much more. It’s a great way for the student body to come together for one night.

Thursday is my personal favorite; there will be a hijab challenge going on. So girls, show your support by wearing a hijab to a school for a day just to experience the life of a hijabi for a day. Later in the evening, we’ll have a discussion lead by Br. Hisham Qaisi on love and relationships in Islam. The rights and wrongs of going about relationships will be discussed.

Our week will end on Friday evening with our lecture on Jihad by speaker Dr. Kamran Riaz. The topic of Jihad is probably the most talked about confusing subject in Islam and this lecture will unravel all the misconceptions we have on this topic. This is just an overview of the week, so for more details, visit the Daw’ah table located in the Kindlon atrium all week. You don’t want to miss these events, humble and enlighten yourself by going to even one of these events. Who knows, it might change your perspective and outlook on life.