Striking out

by Amanda Jarzynski


After a hard-fought game, Benedictine’s baseball team took a loss against North Park University on Wednesday.  Benedictine started the game strong, but North Park battled back to win 6-5.

In the first inning, Benedictine started the scoring when their second baseman, Matthew Higgs earned a triple.  He was able to score when catcher Justin Kovalsky hit a single. Benedictine scored one more time in the first and then held off North Park to keep their two-point lead.

Neither team scored in the second inning, but Benedictine extended their lead in the top of the third inning when first baseman, Ryan Mullin hit a double, which also earned him a run-batted-in (RBI).

Unfortunately, North Park was able to scored in the third inning as well. They scored two runs cutting Benedictine’s lead to just one point.

It was downhill from there for Benedictine as they were not able to score again until the seventh inning.  North Park, on the other hand, scored another run in the fourth inning to tie the game.  Then, in the fifth inning, North Park took the lead and scored three runs making the scored 6-3 in their favor.

Benedictine tried to take back their lead in the seventh inning.  They scored from left fielder, Kevin Hendricks who earned a RBI single.  Then, Benedictine scored another run in the eighth inning from a Kovalsky RBI ground-out.

Benedictine remained down by one point going into the ninth and final inning to play. Unfortunately, North Park was able to hold on their lead.  Benedictine was only able to get one hit during the top of the ninth. That hit came from right fielder Mike Luschen, who hit a single and then stole second base.  He was left to watch the remainder of the game on second base.

Benedictine was supposed to play another game against Wheaton College on Thursday, but it was postponed to a later date.  Benedictine will play next on Wednesday against the University of Chicago. Finally, they will have their home opener on Thursday at 4:30 p.m. against Robert Morris University.