Solution In Sight

By: Hashim Arain

The situation surrounding the invasion of Russian forces in the city of Crimea has had some developments over the past few weeks. The big development that first happened was that the citizens of Crimea voted on a referendum, which would allow Crimea to be part of Russian territory. As the BBC notes, this referendum’s criteria gave Crimean’s a choice on whether they want to be part of Russia or not; the Crimean’s voted unanimously to be a part of Russia. The BBC also notes that countries such as the U.S. and Britain deemed that this referendum was illegal, and in response these countries, put sanctions on the Russian government.

Some have viewed that this move by Russia to place soldiers in Crimea think that it was bold of them to do this, and it has gotten a lot of negative reaction from the international community. There have now been efforts to solve the issues that surround this conflict, according to the Washington Post, Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Obama spoke on the phone and agreed that they will let their foreign ministers come up with a solution to solve this crisis diplomatically.

The Washington Post also reports that Secretary of State John Kerry and his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov will meet in Paris in the coming days, and work together on a solution to this ongoing crisis in Ukraine and Crimea. This just shows that Obama and Putin are getting tired of the tension surrounding the region, and they just want an end to this crisis as a whole.

According to the USA Today, Russian Secretary Lavrov spoke to the press and stated that Russia wants to work with everybody involved in this crisis; they just want the tension and uncertainty to end.  The USA Today also goes on to say that some foreign policy observers expressed hope for a diplomatic solution, but they also have skepticism on whether Russia could keep its promises on this.

I think that this is a positive step in trying to resolve a crisis like this because using violence is never the answer in a situation like this. The international community and Russia need to mend their relationship with one another, after going through a situation like this. According to the Los Angeles Times, Putin’s phone call to Obama consisted of Obama telling Putin that Russia should pull its troops out of the border of Ukraine and work on a diplomatic solution, which will be worked out with the foreign ministers of both countries.

I believe this means that a solution is in sight to end this conflict between Russia and the rest of the world, as well as getting back to normalizing relations with the Russian government. A diplomatic solution is a better choice for dealing with this kind of situation, and I believe that it will be better for Russian people, the people of Ukraine, the people of Crimea, and the international community as a whole if this conflict ends peacefully.

I also believe that both Russia and the international community need to get their priorities straight and end this situation in a dignified manner.