Music Stars March Birthdays

by Karly Sacco



For all of you who have recently had a birthday, the memories are not too far in the past of the amazing times that were made on your special day. Your good friends and family giving you awesome gifts, your best friend coming home from college to give you a surprise visit, and ending the night with a crazy party with your buds having the time of your life. That pretty much sums up a typical day for a college birthday, but have you ever thought of how a pop star with the same birthday as you throws their festivities? How do music stars party on their birthday?

There are a number or celebrity musicians that celebrate a birthday in the month of March. Some of these musicians try to keep their parties low key, but others throw parties that everyone knows about the next day. Lets take a look at some music star’s birthdays in March and how their parties compare to a typical college ragger.


March 10th– Carrie Underwood

This country star wasn’t always one of the top names in music. She got her start, as most of you know, from the music competition television show “American Idol” in 2005. Ever since her break through moment on the show, Underwood has truly transformed into a role model for many country musicians. She celebrated her 31st birthday this past March. She kept her celebrating on the down low, since her big 30th birthday was last year, and she didn’t really do anything too special this year.


March 10th-Robin Thicke

Now, this is a guy you would want at your birthday party. Not only is Robin Thicke a very talented singer, but he has also been in the business for a long time, so he has just a few connections. One of those connections being a kind of well-known actor by the name of Leonardo DiCaprio! Rumor has it, the two were seen partying at a nightclub in West Hollywood around the time of Robin’s birthday. I bet they were seeing some blurred lines that night!


March 27th– Mariah Carey

If you are married to Nick Cannon, you better believe every single one of your birthdays is going to be over the top amazing. Mariah Carey celebrated her 45th with her hubby, and a little bling bling that he bought her. No biggie, he just bought her a new diamond bracelet. Cannon mentioned that it is kind of difficult to buy something for the woman that has everything she wants.


March 28th– Lady Gaga

The fame monster took center stage as she celebrated her 28th birthday preforming at a concert in New York at the Roseland Ballroom that night. The pop star thanked her fans at her show for making it one of the best birthdays ever.







Here are some honorable mentions for celebrity birthdays in March!


March 10th-Timbaland

March 11th– Joel and Benji Madden

March 15th– Mark Hoppus

March 25h- Ryan Lewis

March 25th– Elton John

March 26th– Steven Tyler