Spring Break

By: Zeba Haseeb


Spring break is one that many students look forward to the most. It’s timing is absolutely perfect, right after those midterm exams that had us all completely sleep deprived for days. These magical 7 days of peace mean so much to a student killing themselves over exams and projects all semester. So how exactly did students utilize these days of freedom?

A few students decided to take complete advantage of break, gathered a couple of friends, and took a road trip. Many popular spots include Cabo, Miami, Los Angeles, or basically anywhere warm. Soaking yourself at the beach and lying in the sun as it kisses your cheek sounds like paradise compared to the depressing cold that has unfortunately lasted up until late March now.

Not everyone had such a pleasing break. Many students who have already started thinking about graduate school spent their “free time” studying for their graduate school exams. Benedictine University still had visitors over break with students studying for exams like MCAT, PCAT, OAT, GRE, and many more. Many group study sessions as well as silent studying occurred over break on this campus. Not a bad way to spend break actually, getting a head start on their future.

Personally, when I think of break, all I think of is catching up on my sleep, and that is exactly what I did. As pathetic as it may sound, my break consisted of sleep and my loyal companion Netflix. It may not be the most exciting way to spend a few days off, but the rest that I got was definitely worth it. There are dozens of other students who spent their break just like this, who probably won’t admit it as abruptly as I did. Either way, however a person spent their break, I hope it was fulfilling. Whether it was spending time with friends in a different city, going back home to your families, or just sitting in solitude for the peace and quiet, hope it was worth it because finals week, here we come.