Caution – New construction alert


by Tatanisha Wooley



Photo credit: Mike Krueger

Photo credit: Mike Krueger

Students, faculty and staff returned from spring break to a blocked off quad near Coal Ben for the construction of the new business building. The construction began over break the week of March 17th, and the projected date of completion is fall 2015.

“The construction will make it slightly harder to get to class,” said Shantell Hernandez, a sophomore resident of Founders. She still remains positive about the situation and sees the end result of the situation.

“Overall it’s a good thing that we will be expanding our school,” added Hernandez.

Chad Treisch, who is the project’s director, sent an email to the Benedictine community regarding the construction site and it’s effect.

When walking to classes in Kindlon and Birck, students are encouraged to be alert, as construction will be going on. The construction area is fenced off to prevent anyone from entering the site, and no one is supposed to walk along the campus road or near the construction site. The email contained information about Coal Ben and Founders’ Woods as the two areas that are required for special attention.

In the email, it stated that due to the location of Coal Ben and how close it is to the construction site, there will be a crossing created to allow people to cross the main construction traffic entrance for entrance to Coal Ben.

The crossing will be located between Coal Ben and Krasa.  This will be marked off with construction fencing and caution signs. The area will be under video surveillance to prevent anyone from performing any dangerous activity.

Treisch also stated in the email that Founders’ Woods residents and visitors will cross heavy construction traffic because of its location on campus. The inner road crossing from Founders’ Woods will remain open to students and visitors to allow for access to the campus. Anyone traveling to and from Founders’ Woods is encouraged to use extreme caution.

Due to the danger, the west access road will be closed until future notice. The road will be blocked off with “road closed” signs. The road will be made available to construction workers and only construction and delivery vehicles will have access to the road. Anyone seen entering or parked there will be ticketed. There will also be a sign that will prohibit a right turn out of the west side of the Krasa parking lot.

There will be heavy construction taking place on the east side of the parking garage and the Coal Ben parking lot. This is the parking space located by the police station and campus services. The construction will need access to the campus from the parking garage north entrance. The north side will remain opened for only emergencies.  The entrance should be re-opened sometime mid-May.

Construction will be restricted to park in an area on the North side of the Rice Center, so they are not using the limited amount of spaces required for students, faculty, and staff.

With the limited spaces, students are concerned with getting to classes.  Sydney Van Alstyne, a junior, is one of the many who is worried about classes says.

“There is nowhere to walk and it is going to take longer to get classes,” said Van Alstyne.

Many students will need to leave earlier for classes as they cannot walk across the quad anymore and must take an alternate route.

The new business building will give students more space for classes, so Kindlon can be used mainly for the liberal arts students, Scholl for the music, art, and political science students, and Birck will be the intended science building.

The new building will allow more speakers and business leaders to attend the school, as there will be a 600-seating auditorium located in the business building. There will be new study areas added in addition to the classrooms and auditorium.