Top 10 Hottest Actors

By: Tatanisha Wooley

Hollywood is full of hot actors, but who is the hottest of the bunch? Which men have not only emptied our pockets at the theaters but have also managed to capture our hearts? The men on this list probably made you cry and laugh all in one scene.


10.) Joseph Gordon-Levitt, age 32

Relationship Status: Yes, his is single, but he has links with actresses such as Scarlett Johansson and Evan Rachel Wood.

Why we love him: Not only is he gorgeous, but also he is one of the coolest people to ever grace the screen.  Joseph is an actor who gets better with each role he takes.

Hottest Role: Arthur from “Inception” for the three-piece suits and his super cool attitude.


9.) Tom Hiddleston, age 32

Relationship Status: Sadly, the Brit actor was seen getting cozy with Jane Arthy at Wimbledon.

Why we love him: He’s tall, eloquent, and charming. Every girl who went to see Thor and was on team Thor walked out team Loki.

Hottest Role: Loki from “Thor” of course! He had everyone cheering that the bad guy wins for once.


8.) Christian Bale, age 39

Relationship Status: Christian has been married to Sibi Blazic for 13 years.

Why we love him: He made audiences love him as Batman/ Bruce Wayne, and he is unafraid to take on challenging roles, which end up being his best roles.

Hottest Role: Its obviously going to be Batman/ Bruce Wayne in the “Dark Knight” trilogy.


7.) Chris Hemsworth, age 30

Relationship Status: Chris is married to Elsa Pataky, who is expecting their second child.

Why we love him: He is one half the hottest brothers to hit Hollywood. He is often photographed shirtless much to delight of fans.
Hottest Role: Not going to debate this, Thor from “Thor” and “The Avengers.”


6.) Robert Downey Jr., age 48

Relationship Status: The Iron man star has been married to Susan Levin since 2006.

Why we love him:  He is not only good looking, but he is intelligent. You can admire his good looks while holding an interesting conversation. As he has gotten older, he has relied on his charisma, but we love it.

Hottest Role: Once again, it is going to the obvious Tony Stake from “Iron Man” and “The Avengers.” Tony has boundless energy and charisma, just like the actor who plays him.


5.) Brad Pitt, age 49

Relationship Status: Brad is one of Brangelina, the other being Angelina Jolie. They have been together since 2005.

Why we love him: He is a talented actor, loving father, and he gets better with age. He has mesmerizing eyes and a million dollar smile. Brad puts his wife and kids first who doesn’t love a good family man?

Hottest Role: John Smith from Mr. and Mrs. Smith. If it wasn’t for the movie, there would be no Brangelina.


4.) Leonardo DiCaprio, age 39

Relationship Status: There are rumors that he is dating Victoria’s Secret model Toni Garrn, but when it comes to Leo, you never know.

Why we love him: He has yet to win an Oscar, which makes us root for him even more. He turned boyish good looks into leading manpower. Whatever role he takes on, he makes everyone fall for him harder than before.

Hottest Role: Jack Dawson from “Titanic,” the movie that turned Leo into a leading man and sent him into the hearts of every person in the world. Why did Rose let him go that is still the question everyone wants to know?


3.) Colin Farrell, age 37

Relationship Status: Single, the bad boy will never settle down.

Why we love him: He may be a reformed bad boy, but in our hearts, he will still be bad because with Colin, you know he is bad at heart. All his characters appeared to be wounded and haunted even if they seemed too confident. Underneath there is a depth and dark side to most of them. Plus he earns extra for his big soulful eyes and eyebrows.

Hottest Role: Bobby Pellitt from Horrible Bosses. He was funny and unrecognizable in the movie.


2.) Ryan Gosling, age 33

Relationship Status: Single, as he just recently broke up with Eva Mendes.

Why we love him: He is good looking and a real life superhero. He is known for breaking up fights and saving innocent pedestrians. Ryan is everywhere, and no one is complaining. There was uproar when he lost Sexist Man to Bradly Cooper.

Hottest Role: Noah Calhoun from “The Notebook.” He gave us an hour and half to fall in love with him, which happily happened. Who would not want to kiss Noah in the rain?


1.) Johnny Depp, age 50

Relationship Status: Johnny shock the world when he became engaged to actress Amber Heard, especially since he split up with Vanessa Paradis, whom he had been with for 16 years and never married. Since Johnny is notoriously private about his life, no one will ever know the real story.

Why we love him: Is that even a real question?  There would be no hottest actors list if Johnny was not on it. He is ultimately good-looking guy who downplays his looks in almost all his movies.  Johnny will never follow the crowd and that is why we love him. Johnny is proof that you can be 50 and still be extremely hot. He is one of the weirdest men, but that is part of his draw, he does not need to rely on his good looks to bring people to see his movie. Seriously, how many times have you seen Johnny shirtless in his movies? Did I forget to mention his flowing tousled hair?

Hottest Role: Captain Jack Sparrow from “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies. Captain Jack Sparrow is one pirate many people would not care if he overtook their ship. He is treacherous and survives mostly by using wit and negotiation.