Mini Medical School-Midwestern Edition

By: Sarah Jaber

The Mini Medical School, hosted at Midwestern University, took place over four different sessions in March. This medical education program was open to anyone in the community that wanted to learn more about medicine or even any healthcare issues in general. Each lecture was on a unique topic and was presented by a health care professional at Midwestern University.

The four topics that were covered this year included: How being a D.O. is unique and beneficial for patients, “Taste of Dentistry,” Anxiety and Depression: Bio-psychosocial issues, and The Beauty of the Human Heart. Each of these four sessions gave students the opportunity to learn about different subjects and also experience things hands-on.

During the first session on Osteopathic medicine, students learned about the unique training and skills that a D.O. physician acquires and how that will help patients in the long run. A practicing doctor was able to demonstrate how physical manipulation can help treat symptoms on the spot and explained the value of gaining extensive knowledge on anatomy and the advantage that it can bring.

The second session on dentistry highlighted the preclinical and clinical programs at Midwestern University. Dental students from various years took the students into the dental simulation lab to explore some of the machinery, mannequins, radiology equipment and dental microscopes in the facility.

The anxiety and depression lecture was designed to bring to the attention of the students the common clinical issues surrounding anxiety and depression in the population. They were able to discuss with the speakers strategies to mitigate the negative consequences of these conditions. The last session was a great way to end the program. On the beauty of the heart and the anatomical perspective of medicine, this session gave students the opportunity to explore the human heart through a lecture and hands-on experience in the lab with cadavers. Students not only learned about gross anatomy, but also had the opportunity to engage in demonstrations presented in the gross anatomy laboratory.

This program is a great way for students to explore different topics and discover their passions. Located in Downers Grove, Midwestern University has built a national reputation for training osteopathic physicians, who provide outstanding patient-focused care. This program is a great way to experience the type of education that you could receive if you were to study at Midwestern University.