A Harrowing Situation

By: Hashim Arain

The uncertainty surrounding the missing Malaysian airplane that vanished a couple weeks back has been troubling, mainly due to the fact that there has been little information to where the plane may have went and what exactly happened to it and its passengers. According to the LA Times, the situation all started when a plane took off from Malaysia to Beijing China at around 12:30 a.m. on March 8th and was reported to have gone missing at about 1:30 a.m., and it has been mysteriously vanished ever since.

Some of the latest reporting comes from the Wall Street Journal, which states that Chinese and Japanese aircraft forces will work together to find pieces of the missing plane in the Indian Ocean. The Wall Street Journal also reports that China believes to have picked up on a satellite signal that may show objects that might resemble pieces of the missing plane. Other countries have stepped up their search efforts into trying to find any good evidence about where this plane may have disappeared.

According to the New York Times, countries from all over the world have been trying to figure out this mysterious situation by using everything in their power, from air capabilities to sea capabilities to try to find any sign of this plane. The New York Times also reports that government officials and aviation experts have been criticizing the Malaysian government’s vagueness and confusion over the information about what happened to this plane.

The situation remains to be very fluid, and that there’s always a chance of misinformation being spread around about finding large objects on radar screens, thinking that they are pieces of wreckage from the plane. As of right now, countries are focusing on China’s Intel, which said that possible wreckage from the plane might be in the Indian Ocean, but that information is currently not confirmed.

I think the reason that this story is getting so much attention, is because it’s just an odd and difficult situation. There are a lot of rumors and theories that are swirling around about what might have happened to have this plane just vanish and disappear into thin air. CNN notes that some have said the plane might have been hijacked or sucked into a black hole. It’s important to get the facts straight on this type of situation. It sounds like the Malaysian government and some other countries are struggling to try to find some lead on where the plane is.

We’ll see if China’s lead on some missing pieces of wreckage in the Indian Ocean is correct in the coming days and weeks. I feel for the families of the missing passengers, who have had a tough time trying to find as much information as they can on what happened to their loved one on this flight, being in that situation must be utterly devastating.

I sincerely hope that some of these countries will be able to find missing pieces of this plane and hopefully the passengers that were on it. Also, I hope we find out the cause for the plane’s disappearance, so all these theories and rumors can be put to rest. I hope that this harrowing situation will come to an end soon.