The Summer Set concert review

by Karly Sacco



Photo credit: Karly Sacco

Photo credit: Karly Sacco

The line was wrapped around the venue outside as anxious fans huddled together for warmth. The excitement was contagious Friday night as we counted down the minutes together until the doors opened for the show. The Summer Set was the reason that we were all there.

They sold out the venue, The Beat Kitchen, in a matter of minutes a few months ago, and ever since I found out I was going, I could not stop wondering how this show was going to top the others they have preformed in the past.

The Summer Set is an upbeat, pop punk band that has gotten more well known over the past year. One of their most popular songs is titled Boomerang, which was actually played on Chicago’s own radio station 103.5 Kiss FM for the first time over the summer. After they released that song, they became more popular.

Sometimes when bands get big, they let the influence of money and greed take over the real reasons why they started preforming in the first place, for the fans and their love for music, but not The Summer Set. They improve their music and have continued to stay moral and true to their fans. That is the main reason why the show on Friday night was incredible.

Now, this pop punk band is use to full out rock shows, so to change things up a bit to show their fans how much we really mean to them, they played their songs acoustically on this tour to bring a more intimate feel with the audience. When the doors finally opened, we all ran straight to the stage, admiring the light decorations and faint music playing in the background, and we all talked amongst ourselves waiting for the big moment. As more and more time went by, hundreds of fans kept piling in, and by the time the band was about to go on stage, the place was packed to the max.

As the lights dropped, my eyes grew wide as The Summer Set walked on stage. You could feel the over whelming amount of energy coming from the crowd. Usually at concerts, there are opening acts to get the crowd warmed up for the head lining group, but what made this show even more special was that there was not an opening band, just The Summer Set.

Every person in the room was screaming, smiling, and just caught up in the moment. They played for about two hours, and every single moment was treasured. They found a way to make every fan in the audience feel special. Toward the end of their show, a special girl even got proposed to on stage by her boyfriend. The love was so strong in the room on Friday night. To end the night perfectly, The Summer Set preformed their last song in the middle of the audience as we all circled around the band and enjoyed the last few moments of an unforgettable concert.