Sitting in the winner’s circle

by Amanda Jarzynski


The Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks are both suddenly on a rocky road.  Five games back from Russia and the Hawks have won three of the five.  After a four game win streak, the Bulls drop a loss to the New York Nets.

Both teams found themselves victorious on Saturday in the hopes to get back on track and win more games as their seasons come to a close.  The Blackhawks traveled to New York to take on the Buffalo Sabres while the Bulls stayed at home to host the notorious Miami Heat.

The last time the Bulls played the Heat, the game ended with a Chicago loss, 93-79.  On Saturday afternoon, the Bulls felt like dishing out a little payback.  After losing to the Memphis Grizzlies, they also wanted to get back on their win streak.

Everyone knew the game would be a hard-fought battle from start to finish.  Many people probably didn’t think the game would run into an overtime period.  D.J. Augustin led the Chicago Bulls in points with 22 followed by Joakim Noah who scored 20 points.  Both of these Chicago stars beat out Lebron James who only tallied 17 points during the whole game.

Going into the final period of the game, the Miami team had their sights on a victory with a lead of 12 points.  The Bulls battled and soon, that 12 point lead disappeared and overtime was forced.

The Bulls defeated the Heat 95-88 in overtime bringing the Heat to the longest losing streak they’ve had this season.

After losing a game to the Colorado Avalanche, the Blackhawks started to work even harder.  They played against the Columbus Blue Jackets on Thursday night and took a strong victory, 6-1.  Columbus was never one of the better teams in the NHL, but it was a big confidence boost for the Hawks going into their next game.

Saturday night, the Hawks faced against the Buffalo Sabres.  Again, they were going up against not-so-strong of a team—right now the Sabres sit in last place in the whole league.  That being the case, the game should have been an easy win for the Hawks who still hold onto a third place seed in their Conference.

Patrick Kane final ended his scoring drought and made a beautiful goal through a defenseman and over the goalie’s shoulder.  The Sabres decided to give the Hawks a run for their money, though, and answered Kane’s goal six minutes later in the first period.

The game went on with the score tied at one point apiece until the beginning of the third period.  Captain Jonathan Toews tallied an open-net goal courtesy of teammates Brandon Saad and Andrew Shaw.  Toews has started his own goal streak of six goals in the past four games.

The Hawks play a rematch game against the Colorado Avalanche on Wednesday in Colorado.  The Bulls face the Spurs on Tuesday night and the Rockets on Thursday night.