Shop ‘til you drop

By: Sanika Tolia

Living in the suburbs, most of our options to go out include malls, movies, and going out to eat. A lot of these places start getting redundant as we continuously visit the same ones. Well, now we have a new mall in the Chicagoland area that has its own unique flair, making it a great place to check out. The Fashion Outlets of Chicago are located in Rosemont, just a little over half an hour away from Benedictine. This new mall has mixed designer brand names and common shopping stores to provide a wide range of options for buyers, including food, clothes, accessories, and lots of chocolate.

One of the most distinctive aspects of the Fashion Outlets is its mix of high-end brand name stores with more common ones. Some of the higher end names include Burberry, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Prada, and many more. However, for those of us on a college budget who want to do more than window-shopping for $300 scarves, there are plenty of alternative options available. Some of the more affordable stores include Zumiez, Under Armour, Nike Factory Store, Hot Topic, Gap Outlet, and one of the biggest Forever XXI’s I have ever seen.

In addition to the great choice of stores to shop at, the food selections are just as exquisite. There is a lot of different types, including Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Coffee Cafes, ice cream shops, wine bars, pretzel stops, and even an entirely vegetarian-vegan selection. However, most importantly is their choice is candy and chocolates. One of my personal favorites is their store Lolli and Pops. It has row after row of candies organized by colors, styles, types, sizes, with a room for all their chocolate items and a room for anything gummy, and a room just for round jawbreaker type candy. Some of the biggest exceeds the size of your fist. Don’t miss out of the Godiva and Lindt Chocolate shops. If you sign up with Godiva’s store, you receive a free piece of chocolate every month. Make sure to make a trip out to the Fashion Outlets with your friends and try out all of their different options in stores and food, and definitely don’t miss out on the chocolate experience.