S.E.E.D’s Present: ‘Tapped’ the Documentary

by: Azka Khan

Tapped, a 2009 documentary film focused on how the multi-billion water bottle industry affects the public, says that by the year 2030, “two thirds of the world’s population will lack access to clean drinking water.” Students for Ecological and Environmental Development (S.E.E.D’s) with the help of UNICEF hosted a screening and discussion of the documentary on March 6th, at 6:30 p.m. in Kindlon 162.

With various controversies surrounding the water bottle business, the documentary was successful in helping the audience understand the fake advertising and health effects of water bottles. Most water bottles imply that they come from a mountain or spring, but it is just domestic water. The documentary asserts that the FDA imposes one person to regulate all water bottle production. Since it’s one person, the companies do “self” tests of their water to their own standard, whereas tap water is regulated about 300 times a month to a legal standard.

After watching the documentary, the audience was captured by the tremendous amount of information.

“I think it was a wonderful and informative event,” said Shantell Hernandez, PR of S.E.E.D’s. Many individuals assume that water bottles are a safe source of drinking water. Researchers in the documentary found various bacteria and hazardous synthetic chemicals during their test of the bottled water, such as trace amounts of arsenic, toluene, and more.

“[The documentary] helped to open the eyes of the students,” added Hernandez.