Spring into upcoming concerts

by Karly Sacco


Every time you think this winter is finally over, it snows again, and the winter blues come back. There is a light at the end of what seems to be this never ending cold! Although it might not seem like it, spring technically starts on March 20th. So instead of staying inside because it is too cold, get away for a day to escape to a place where you will forget about the horrible weather.  Just in the month of March alone, there are a number of chart topping musicians that are touring in the Chicago-land area and are going to put on unbelievable shows. From rock to pop and alternative to hip hop, there is a concert that suits everyone’s style coming here in the near future. Here are a few bands touring here in the next month!


Miley Cryus: March 7th @ Allstate Arena

The one and only diva is coming to Chicago this upcoming weekend for her Bangerz tour. She has filled her show with insane props that will most definitely take your mind off the weather that Chicago has been experiencing.


The Summer Set: March 7th  @ Beat Kitchen

If you are not a crazy Miley fan, The Summer Set is also coming to Chicago on March 7th. This alternative rock band always puts on a nonstop show with their catchy tunes that you will be singing the whole way home. This particular tour is a stripped down version of their songs, so not only will you be listening to some amazing music, but also hear how talented this band really is.


Kings of Leon: March 8th @United Center

Someone like you would love to go see a band like this. Kings of Leon are known for their outrageous stage props and lighting that will take your breath away. Their show at the Untied Center is a perfect place to bring out your inner rock star and have a little fun!


Lyida: March 12th @Lincoln Hall

A concert doesn’t have to have all the fancy acrobats and lightshows to be unforgettable. This indie, rock band puts on a killer show that brings together a mellow and rock feel to it. The venue Lincoln Hall is also the perfect place too see Lydia for the first time to get the over all feel of their shows.


Imagine Dragons: March 13th @Allstate Arena

If you haven’t heard one of their number one hits on the radio by now, then you are truly missing out on some great music. Imagine Dragons have really blown up over the past year, and after their performance on the VMAs, they have proved publically that they know how to show their audience a fun time!

Hopefully one of these concerts sounds like a fun time to you. If the winter weather doesn’t stop, at least you know that you have somewhere to escape to if only for a little while and have a rocking time! Here are a few other concerts that are coming to Chicago this month.


Demi Lovato: March 14th @ Allstate Arena

Ke$ha: March 15th @ Horseshow Casino

Lorde: March 18th @ Aragon Ballroom