L.M.B.O.: Laugh my butt off

by: Jessica Cerda



Photo credit: Jessica Cerda

Photo credit: Jessica Cerda

The Black Student Union hosted a comedy show as their last event for Black History Month on Friday, February 28th. Students were invited to the event that took place in Coal Ben from 10:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Comedian Brendan ‘Ben’ Noble was the headliner for the show. Taneshia ‘Just Nesh’ Rice, Dandrell Scott and Em Brown were Noble’s opening acts and friends.

Attendees were able to have a drink and eat while watching the show. Each performer stayed on stage for about 15 minutes. The comedians joked about a range of topics from their childhood, life as a student, and their previous relationships. The 3rd performer, Dandrell Scott, showcased his rapping skills, incorporating it in his comedy routine.

Elve Mitchell, advisor for BSU, was the announcer for the show. The show was sponsored by the Intercultural Education Department.

Headliner Ben Noble was the winner of the ‘Showtime in Chicago’ talent competition. He is also a regular at ‘Jokes and Notes’ in Chicago. Noble started being a professional comedian about a year ago but began with open mic’s three years ago.

“It’s been a good journey,” Noble said. Noble also talked about his favorite celebrity comedian.

“My all-time favorite comedian has to be Richard Pryor,” Noble added.

Noble said he came to perform at Benedictine because E’Laina Craven, BSU president and friend of Noble, reached out to him. Craven says she’s known Noble ever since she attended Illinois State University before she came to Benedictine.

“We’ve know each other for several years,” said Craven.

“I think the show went really well. It was very successful and a great turnout…we had a few technical difficulties in the beginning, but it ended up working out,” continued Craven.