“Endless Love” Movie Review

Gena Nabulsi


Photo credit: Wikipedia

Photo credit: Wikipedia

This weekend, I saw “Endless Love,” starring Gabriella Wilde and Alex Pettyfer.  This movie is definitely a romantic love story filled with drama and a little bit of action here and there.  The story is about a summer romance between a privileged young lady who plans to start college as a pre-med student at Brown University in the Fall and a young man of the same age who has high potential, but works at his father’s auto shop and doesn’t plan on going to college.

From the start, the girl’s father does not approve of the relationship and feels that his daughter’s future might be jeopardized if she becomes engulfed in the relationship. This is when her father does everything in his power to break up the relationship.  The young couple desperately fights to keep their love, despite the obstacles presented by her father.

I am personally not a big fan of heartthrob romantic films, so I did feel that parts of the movie were a little bit cheesy.  Overall, I thought the movie was average because I felt that it was a bit too overdramatic as well as predictable, for the most part.  If you are a fan of romantic films, however, this might be something you would be interested in watching with girlfriends or maybe even on a date.  There were definitely many parts of the film that a romantic would appreciate.