Scholar’s Art Class Field Trip Review

By: Payal Shukla

Photo credit: Payal Shukla

Photo credit: Payal Shukla

My scholar’s fine arts class and I travelled to downtown Chicago to learn about and take in the beautiful art that Chicago has to offer on Saturday, February 22nd. We walked through downtown, learning about the various types of architecture in Chicago, spent a few hours at the Art Institute of Chicago, ate dinner at Corner Bakery, and enjoyed a beautiful performance by the Joffery Ballet.

First of all, I have never realized how much beautiful architecture is in Chicago. Our professor, Dr. Scavone, carefully explained to us the significance of the various buildings in Chicago that were built after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. It was amazing to stop and really look at the various art forms that made up the city. We also stopped by the Bean, which was an example of the Post modernism by an artist named Anish Kapoor.

The Art Institute of Chicago was the next stop. It was fun being able to walk freely through the museum and appreciate the various forms of art that were there. One of my favorite exhibits is the Throne rooms, in which they have miniature scene set ups of rooms and the level of detail and intricacy always amazes me. I also loved seeing the paintings by Vincent Van Gogh, and of course, a famous painting named the American Gothic was a must see.

The Joffery Ballet was by far my favorite event of the day. Seeing the dancers flow effortlessly in three very different acts was amazing. I could tell that the dancers had put in so much effort into their performance and their level of synchronization was remarkable. The Auditorium Theater, where the event was hosted, was a masterpiece in itself. The beauty of the theater just added to my awe for the performances.

Overall, although that day was very tiring because of all of the walking around downtown, I definitely had a lot of fun. Seeing the amazing architecture of Chicago, enjoying the museum, and the ballet performances were all very eye opening experiences. I recommend going to Chicago and seeing the Art Institute and the ballet to anyone who feels that they need to get a closer look at the wonderful artwork that Chicago has to offer!