#RichKids: Going A Little Too Far

By: Hashim Arain

The new hit show on the E! Network called “Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills” has been the latest buzz in the reality TV world. According to the Daily Mail, the show chronicles the lives of five rich people in their 20’s, who spend large amounts of money on shopping and champagne. The Daily Mail goes on to say that the idea for the show came about when some producers came across a popular blog called the Rich Kids of Instagram. This blog shows pictures of “rich kids” in private jets and sipping champagne.

This blog was the basis for the show’s premise and portrayed the lifestyle of rich people in their 20’s living it up in Beverly Hills. One of the main characters in the show is Dorothy Wang, who according to the Daily Mail is the daughter of billionaire property owner Roger Wang. The other main character is Morgan Stewart, who the Daily Mail notes is the daughter of wealthy architect Herbert Stewart.

There are also a few other characters that Dorothy and Morgan interact with in the show, according to, which includes Brendan, the only cast member in the show with a job and salary and Morgan’s boyfriend. also notes that another girl named Roxy is a major part of the show as the daughter of a wealthy family.

This show has gotten a lot of criticism with how it portrays the characters’ actions, especially in how they are spending money. According to the website Metro, throughout the show, Dorothy and Morgan show off how much money they have by spending it on accessories, such as handbags and champagne. The major gripe with the show is that people think the characters in the show don’t work for a living.

Although, according to Wetpaint, one of the cast members from the show, Jonny Drubel, disagrees with that assumption. Drubel explained that his first job was at a Ben and Jerry’s, and his current singing career is his main job right now. Drubel also explained that his cast mates have jobs as well. He said Brendan is in the real estate business and sold his first house when he was 18.

Drubel also used the examples of Morgan who’s starting a blog, Roxy who’s starting in the interior design business, and Dorothy who’s worked in the family company and has started businesses of her own. While it is true that the cast of “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” are currently working some type of job, one would not have known this if they watched an episode of the show.

The show seems to make the characters look shallow and self obsessed, and they have the freedom to splurge on whatever they want. I’m sure we all have splurged on a couple items every so often, but probably not to the extent of what these characters have spent. This is just a reality TV show, but to what extent does it send a message to viewers, especially those from wealthy families that it’s acceptable to spend alarming amounts of money?

I think that this show goes a little too far on the issue of these rich people spending this kind of money, especially during these times of economic hardship.