On to the tournament

by Amanda Jarzynski


Photo credit: Amanda Jarzynski

Photo credit: Amanda Jarzynski

Rockford University visited the Dan and Ada Rice Center last Wednesday night to face off against the Benedictine Eagles in their final regular season game.  The Eagles triumphed over Rockford by a margin of 24 points, 86-62, giving them a winning streak of four games going into the Conference Tournament.

The visiting team started the game strong taking the lead in the first few minutes.  The Eagles battled back, took the lead, and never gave it back to Rockford.  They quickly created a large scoring gap with help from Mike Woolf, Michael Blaszczyk, and Tim McGinty.

Before the first half ended, Woolf tallied 10 points, McGinty scored 12 points, and Blaszczyk added eight points.  Most of their points were scored from three-point shots.  Benedictine went into the locker room after the first half up by 27 points, 48-21.

The Eagles did not lose their intensity opening up the second half.  They continued to score points and pulled farther away from Rockford.  Penalties were called a lot as the time ran down on the clock. By the end of the game, both teams had over 10 individual player penalties.

Rockford tried but could not pull closer to Benedictine’s lead.  They got within 18 points for a short amount of time before the Eagles started pulling away again.  Woolf tallied 10 more points, Blaszczyk added nine more, and McGinty added four to his total.

Benedictine made it into the Conference Tournament with a record of 14 wins and 12 losses.  Their first game of the tournament was played on Saturday against their rival, Aurora University.  Unfortunately, the Eagles fell 62-56, ending the 2013-2014 season for men’s basketball.

The game started off even with neither team being able to take a large lead until halfway through the game.  Aurora went on a point streak and scored nine unanswered baskets.  The Eagles could not catch up to them before the first half ended. The game went into halftime with Aurora leading Benedictine, 30-22.

Aurora tried to extend their lead even more in the second half.  They were able to go up by 13 points midway through the period, but the Eagles fought back as hard as they could.  They were able to tie the game at 55 points with five and a half minutes left to play, but Aurora was able to take the lead again and the Eagles never caught up to them