Looking past the invention of Facebook

By: Zeba Haseeb

Two of the greatest inventions of our time, in my opinion, consists of Facebook and Whatsapp. These two companies have taken social networking to a completely new level. A decade ago, we would have to work extremely hard to keep in contact with family and friends across seas. Today, keeping in touch is literally a click away, seeming as if those people are just as close to you as your neighbor.

First came Facebook, in which people would make profiles of themselves, consisting of statuses, pictures, videos, and messaging. The instant messaging was one of the best aspects of Facebook because individuals from all different countries could be chatting at any moment of the day. The only glitch about this was that you would have to be logged onto your account to be able to talk to people.

Whatsapp has totally changed this concept. Whatsapp is basically instant messaging without the hassle of having a complete profile about yourself. The easiest way to define this invention is that it’s a way to text message people all across the world without having the issue of international roaming charges to your cell phone plan. This brilliant idea has caught the attention of millions and is being used by massive numbers of individuals everywhere. I believe it is safe to say that people tend to use Whatsapp more than regular SMS. The fact that it is used through Wi-Fi and not service makes it more appealing to people.

It was about time that these genius companies come together to provide something new for the world to see. Facebook has just recently bought Whatsapp for $16 billion, and Mark Zuckerberg is more than thrilled to start something new with the help of the co-founder and CEO of Whatsapp Jan Koum. It will be very exciting to see what these two masterminds have in store for us now. Exactly what more can they do to make Whatsapp more interesting to use? This seems like a very intelligent move by Zuckerberg because it seems as if people are starting to lose interest in Facebook anyways. When we have other inventions like Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, the need for Facebook would obviously die down. Whatsapp is the kind of thing that will stay in use for a while in my opinion.