Recap of the Vampire Diaries

Tatanisha Wooley


Season five of the hit CW show “Vampire Diaries” has been amazing. This season has to be the best season of the series so far. I love all of the crazy plots twists. Nina Dobrev who plays the show’s heroine Elena Gilbert and Paul Wesley who plays Stefan Salvatore have really stepped up their acting by having to play multiple characters.  Nina once played three different characters in one scene on the episode “Death and the Maiden.”

I have been really impressed with Nina’s acting. All three of the Doppelgangers she had to play were all different in their own way. Katherine Pierce has sass and is very selfish, while Elena is sweet and always put her friends before herself, and the last doppelganger Amara was known as “crazy pants. “ She was stuck as the Anchor for over 2000 years when she was awakened in the new world terrified and wanted to die.

Paul Wesley played both Silas and his Stefan character, who was one of Silas doppelgangers during the season finale of season four and the first six episodes of season five. Silas was one of my favorite characters because he was so sarcastic but funny at the same time. I liked how he was bad, but he was a different kind of bad compared to Klaus’s character. Every scene with Silas was enjoyable. I was sad when he died.

As much of a fan as I am of Damon Salvatore who is played by Ian Somerholder and seems to melt anyone’s heart, I must say I disliked his character a little bit this season. I wanted bad boy Damon from the first three seasons. I liked the Damon who would kill humans just because he wanted too. Once he started to fall for Elena, he slowly started to change, and the change was not for me. That is why I was excited to when he broke up with Elena in “50 Shades Greyson.” Once he broke up with her and there was no chance for of the two of getting back together, which was Katherine’s fault entirely, he went back to being the bad boy from the first season. As he killed each human, I started cheering for him to continue. With Stefan being the good brother Damon needed to be the bad brother.

Speaking of Katherine, can I say I have been in a love hate relationship with her since she first made her appearance in season one?  The one thing about her is that she is a survivor.  She has proved time after time that she will do whatever it takes to keep living. I must say the writers of the Vampire Diaries sure take some risks. Their decision to have Katherine take over Elena’s body in “The Devil Inside” was a twist I did not see coming. Usually, everything would work out for the main characters, and they get to live a happy life before a new problem arises.

As a fan of the show, I liked this new plot twist. I want to see how long Katherine can keep up being Elena. She has already proven that being Elena is difficult because Elena is selfless while Katherine only looks out for Katherine. The other characters need to figure out Katherine is Elena because I do miss her, even though it’s only been one episode since she was gone. I just don’t like Katherine’s portrayal of Elena. Katherine has a certain sass that Elena will never have.