Flappy Bird: The New Drug

By Zeba Haseeb

The world of electronics has swept the world rapidly and has forced our society to be completely dependent upon it. From the beginning of the invention of the internet, then soon after cell phones, to now internet on your cell phones.

The idea of cell phones when first invented was to make phones call. It was intended to be a more efficient and quicker way of communication rather than just a landline telephone. This invention soon evolved when texting came into the picture, and people wouldn’t have to speak to communicate. Along with efficiency of the cell phone, there were games for entertainment on it as well. It began with the simple game of snakes where the purpose of the game was to eat small dots on the board.

Games on cell phones have become an obsession today. Look around your college classes and see what most of the students are doing while on their phones. You probably will notice that they are trying to hear their high score at whatever game they’re playing. The obsession of temple run and candy crush was spread all around the country. People would post their scores and compete with each other, sometimes making it the most important aspect in their lives. However, flappy bird has to be the most played game at this point. The simple idea of pushing a button to make a bird fly up and down has been driving people insane. At first, the game seems a bit difficult for a person to get the bird between two pipes, but as you get the hang of it, you just feel the urge to continue playing more and more.

The game has gotten so addictive and affecting so many individuals that inventor of the game, Dong Nguyen, claims he has to take it down for the negative effects it has brought to people. The drive for people to get a high score on a game has reached a new high. It makes you think drugs aren’t the new addiction to worry about; it may be the misuse of electronics.