A Complicated Crisis

By: Hashim Arain


The situation in Ukraine has been tense over the past few months, mainly because there has been opposition from the public on how the government is handling the country’s economic affairs. According to Reuters, the streets of Ukraine have been relatively quiet ever since the Ukrainian government agreed to free some protesters who were detained for fighting with the police last month. Reuters also reports that the public protests started when the Ukrainian government rejected a trade offer from the European Union.


According to the website the Global Post, after Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych denied the EU trade proposal, it was the final straw for the public, so they began to protest in the streets for Yanukovych’s resignation. The Global Post goes on to say that this EU trade deal would make Ukraine have better relations with Russia, and this rejection of the deal angered those in the Ukrainian public who supports the EU.


The Wall Street Journal reports that opposition leaders have been trying to fix the crisis as quickly as possible. The Wall Street Journal also reports that the opposition, most notably former Russian boxer Vitali Klitschko, has been talking with President Yanukovych’s in meetings. There have been some assistance from the U.S. and EU to try to put an end to this crisis. The main concern that many of the protesters have is that they want Yanukovych to step down, but the Wall Street Journal notes that when the Ukrainian government fired pro-Russian cabinet members and the Prime Minister.


The Ukrainian government did that in order to ease their critics. The Russian government has been angry with Ukraine for doing this. According to the Wall Street Journal, Russia has threatened to cut off Ukrainian good imports. This has no doubt put the Ukrainian government in a difficult position, especially with them dealing with the dissatisfaction among their own people, and the distance between them and their allies.


One of the most popular figures in the Ukrainian opposition movement is Vitali Klitschko, which has been the most active in talking with the government and trying to put an end to the crisis. It’ll be interesting to see if he will be able to convince President Yanukovych to step down, but knowing from past large protests in other countries, that’s not going to be easy. One thing that’s for sure is that the protesters aren’t going to let down.


Recently according to reports, the Ukrainian government called for all protesters to leave the places where they have gathered all throughout the capital city of Kiev. Both the opposition and the government must be weary of all the tension that has occurred over the past few months, but it is important that the Ukrainian government resolve this crisis the right way, along with the opposition’s help.


The situation in Ukraine has definitely been a complicated crisis, and the people just want economic stability with the chance to be apart of the EU. The government should listen to those calls. Hopefully this crisis gets resolved, it will just be better for the country of Ukraine, and the region that surrounds it overall.